Morning at the Farmers markets

Spent yesterday morning with the Brisbane Flickr group at the Farmers Markets at the Powerhouse in New Farm.

IMGP0808 - free range eggs
IMGP0809 watermelon
IMGP0810 keep an eye on the spuds
IMGP0811 - bread
IMGP0814 blue skinned tomatoes
IMGP0815 - german sausage
IMGP0817 - strelitzia
IMGP0818 - ginger flower
IMGP0820 - bags of mussels
IMGP0821 crowd shot
IMGP0822 - pluots
IMGP0823 - pluots
IMGP0826 - musrooms
IMGP0827 - mushroom seller
IMGP0831 - violin busker
IMGP0832 - dancers
IMGP0834 - dancers
IMGP0837 cyron liz benderish
IMGP0838 - steve tux
IMGP0839 - liz
IMGP0840 - neon reflection
IMGP0842 - light fitting
IMGP0843 - box office
IMGP0844 - light fitting
IMGP0845 - glass throu hole
IMGP0846 - hole in wall

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