Craft beer in Prenzlauer berg

Leibhaftig is a bar that serves Bavarian Tapas, but is also the home of a hausbrauerei, Wanke Brau. At the moment it serves a pilsner and a weissbier, both of which are very good. These are brewed on commission by brewery Schleppzig in the Spreewald, about 60 kms outside Berlin. Talking to Marcus Wanke the brewer, he says he has a rye beer on the go, but only does dark beers in winter.


Art works

Art works, Teufelsberg

I left it for a couple of days to recover from the information overload which was my trip to Field Station, Berlin or Teufelsberg as it is more commonly known.

Today however I went through the photos I had taken of the art works on the mountain

Built on an artificial mountain created after WWII, the Cold War listening post ran from 1963 through to the early 1990s. Once the operators left however, the site was abandoned and fell into the sort of ruin you see today. Since about 2010, volunteers have gradually cleared out some of the rubble and attempted to preserve what is left.

Since 2012 a community of groups including artists and historians have worked to bring life back to the Devil’s Mountain, including tours and art events.

My Flickr photos – Teufelsberg street art


from Tumblr http://bit.ly/1iwKJfx