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Stolpersteine or stumbling stones

In the Stolpersteine in the footpaths outside many buildings in Berlin are such simple but poignant stories. This collection of four is outside a building in Danzigerstrase, Prenzlauer. The information relates to a Jewish family that lived in the adjacent house. Arthur Wolfberg, born 1897 (by inference the father), Herta Wolfberg born 1899 (by inference the mother, Helga Wolfberg born 1924 (daughter?) and Gunter Wolfberg born 1925 (son?). All deported 3 February 1943, all murdered in Auschwitz. http://bit.ly/1miyZ8Z


Neue Wache

Neue Wache

Originally a guardhouse in the 1800s, Neue Wache ( or New Guardhouse ) has been a war memorial since the 1930s.

It is really just a single room, containing a single sculpture, an enlarged version of K├Ąthe Kollwitz’s Mother with her Dead Son. The sculpture is directly under the oculus ( a round, eye-like opening in the roof ), and so is exposed to the rain, snow and cold of the Berlin climate, symbolising the suffering of civilians during World War II.?


Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe or Holocaust Memorial is opposite the Tiergarten and between Potzdamer Platz and Brandenberg Tor.

The two hectare site is covered with 2,711 stelae, basically concrete slabs. The whole effect is quite eerie. Near the outside the slabs are short and people are sitting on them having lunch or chatting about their day. As you move into the memorial however the ground undulates and the slabs get taller so its easy to be isolated from the outside world within the massive slabs.