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Berlin Hauptbahnhof

Berlin Hauptbahnhof

If you have a thing about trains and transport generally then you might find your inner geek with Berlin Hauptbahnhof. Its like a five level glass cathedral to train travel. I say five levels as ‘five floors” wouldn’t really give the right perspective of how big it is. This is the top level where the S-bahn and long distance trains arrive and leave from. The lowest level is 15m underground and has services such as the U-bahn. In between are a variety of transport options plus the sort of boutique, food and general shops and restaurants you would find in any large modern shopping centre.


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Heidelbergplatz U bahn

One of the interesting things about the U-bahn and S-bahn system in Berlin is the differences between stations. Many have coloured tiles specific to that station, while yesterday I came across fabulous vaulted ceilings and fluted columns in Heidelbergplatz U-bahn.


U2 to Ruhleben

End of the line

Because it was so cold, Tracey and I decided to stay on the U2 to the end of the line at U Ruhleben. For much of the trip the train was packed, except may were obviously going to Olympia Stadion as once we left that station we were the only people in these two carriages 🙂

By the way – for the history buffs, Ruhleben was the site of a famous WWI internment camp ( http://bit.ly/1lQFUDF )


U2 from Eberswalderstrasse

U2 from Eberswalderstrasse

The U2 from Eberswalderstrasse disappears underground not long after leaving the station on its way to Alexanderplatz, Potsdamerplatz and other stations. Its a train we have used a lot already as it heads through the centre of the city and beyond.