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U2 to Ruhleben

End of the line

Because it was so cold, Tracey and I decided to stay on the U2 to the end of the line at U Ruhleben. For much of the trip the train was packed, except may were obviously going to Olympia Stadion as once we left that station we were the only people in these two carriages 🙂

By the way – for the history buffs, Ruhleben was the site of a famous WWI internment camp ( http://bit.ly/1lQFUDF )


U2 from Eberswalderstrasse

U2 from Eberswalderstrasse

The U2 from Eberswalderstrasse disappears underground not long after leaving the station on its way to Alexanderplatz, Potsdamerplatz and other stations. Its a train we have used a lot already as it heads through the centre of the city and beyond.