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Mud and mangroves

Friday Journal was a radio documentary spot at 1pm  on a Friday afternoon. I found this one about mangrove research in FNQ on cassette recently – from about 1982

Men and Cattle: history of development in northern Australia

I found a collection of small audio documentaries recently. They were on cassette so the quality after 30 odd years isn’t great. The talent is historian Peter Forrest. Men and Cattle is a history of development  of the cattle industry in northern Austraia but touches on a lot of other themes. Part one: The Overlanders Part two:

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Tech Talk: Archival audio from the 90s

In the early 90s I was doing a regular technology spot networked across Local Radio stations. This is a collection of archival audio of that content

Make the murky consumable Satyajit Das is one of the world’s leading experts in derivatives and risk management. He’s worked in financial markets for over 30 years, and consults to banks and investors. In this conversation, Richard Fidler manages to take the murky financial jargon and turn quite complex ideas into a consumable piece of audio ( originally

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Straw Bale House

In the late 1990’s I stopped off in Maleny, Queensland where I interviewed architect Ahtee Chia about the straw bale house he had built. Links Straw Bale Home building Talent: Ahtee Chia, architect and builder ( To air: Weekends, 6 March 1998, Duration: 04:56 )

Robert Jordan, author

In 1993 I interviewed, Robert Jordan, a fantasy author from the United states. Probably best known for his mammoth series “The Wheel of Time“, he also wrote a number of the “Conan the Barbarian” books, and is less well know for a period romance trilogy “Fallon”   [audio: | titles=His background and his books |

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Charles Perkins, activist

It would be difficult to work in the Northern Territory in the last half of the 20th century, and not have come across Charles Perkins. Born in Alice Springs in the late 1930s, Charles Perkins career reads like a template for indigenous activism, from the Freedom Rides of the 1960s to his work with the

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