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Data Journalism

Links used in recent lecture Definition: wikipedia Find: Searching for data on the web Clean: Process to filter and transform data, preparation for visualization Visualize: Displaying the pattern, either as a static or animated visual Publish: Integrating the visuals, attaching data to stories Distribute: Enabling access on a variety of devices, such as the web,

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Using SSI to select a day

You can use SSI to select a specific day, and then carry out an action. You can also determine that action to be carried out at a certain time on that day.

HTML5 audio

MP3 source file <audio src="/audio/straw bales.mp3" controls="controls" preload="metadata"></audio> This will show the audio and the controls but won’t autoplay or loop. It will preload the metadata only however some browsers may not take notice of this restriction. <audio src="/audio/straw bales.mp3" controls preload="metadata" autoplay loop></audio> This will add the autoplay and loop parameters to play the

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