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Stolpersteine or stumbling stones

In the Stolpersteine in the footpaths outside many buildings in Berlin are such simple but poignant stories. This collection of four is outside a building in Danzigerstrase, Prenzlauer. The information relates to a Jewish family that lived in the adjacent house. Arthur Wolfberg, born 1897 (by inference the father), Herta Wolfberg born 1899 (by inference

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Ernst Thalmann

Ernst Thalmann was the leader of the German Communist Party who was shot in 1944 on orders from Adolf Hitler #1Mai Wiki

Cultural ignorance

My search for significant street art in Berlin took me to Cuvrystrasse in Kreuzberg. I was looking for a two part mural by the Italian artist Blu. One depicting an unmasking my two figures making East and West signs with their hands, the other a business man adjusting his tie with a gold chain between

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Alois Senefelder, founder of lithography

The next closest U-bahn stop to where we are staying is Senefelderplatz. Named after the inventor of lithography, nearby is a marble statue of him. I thought naming it with the sort of mirror reversed lettering lithography uses, and having one of the putti looking at it with a mirror a nice touch. #sculptureAlois Senefelder

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Round Heads by Nomad

Round heads by Nomad The artist ‘Nomad’ uses a pictogram style in his painting “Rounded Heads”. This is pretty much across Oppelner Strasse from the Yellow man mural in Kreuzberg (… )

The Lads by London Police

The Lads by London Police The London Police have a very distinctive style ( ). “The Lads” appears on a wall which looks like it is the background to a kids playground at the corner of Cuvrystrasse and Wangelstrasse in Kreuzberg.

Austronaut / Cosmonaut by Victor Ash

Astronaut / Cosmonaut by Victor Ash One of the murals I was determined to see while in Berlin was this of the astronaut painted by Portugese born, Danish based artist – Victor Ash ( ). I took several shots of the work which is about four-five stories tall. This was my favourite however as

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Yellow Man

Yellow man, Street art in Kreuzberg“Yellow Man” is a painting by the twins Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo, known as Os Gemeos. The mural is in Oppelner Strasse, Kreuzberg


Rundblickbeobachtungsturm Down a side street off the busy commercial hub of Potsdamer Platz is this relic of the Berlin Wall and the Cold War,an East German watchtower. The “panorama observation tower” originally stood between the Brandenburg Gate and Leipziger Platz and served as a base for border guards. Construction of these crenelated type BT 6

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Neue Wache

Neue Wache Originally a guardhouse in the 1800s, Neue Wache ( or New Guardhouse ) has been a war memorial since the 1930s. It is really just a single room, containing a single sculpture, an enlarged version of Käthe Kollwitz’s Mother with her Dead Son. The sculpture is directly under the oculus ( a round,

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