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  • Käthe Kollwitz museum

    Käthe Kollwitz museum It would be difficult to live in Prenzlauer for a month and not come across the name Käthe Kollwitz. There is a street and a platz, and a large statue of her in the berg ( flic.kr/p/ned3GC ). Elsewhere an enlarged reproduction of her sculpture ‘Mother with her Dead Son’ is the […]

  • Das Verborgene Museum

    I’ve enjoyed getting into the courtyards of apartment blocks in Berlin. This one at Schluterstrasse 71, takes you through to the Verborgenes Museum (http://bit.ly/1gb7rzX ) http://flic.kr/p/nBa7AH

  • Pergamon Museum

    Market Gate of Miletus – Pergamon Museum – http://bit.ly/1kebVCD The other two photos here are the Pergamon altar and the Ishtar Gate into Babylon It is hard to describe the Pergamom Museum for it is unlike most museums that I have visited in that much of its contents are large pieces of ancient buildings which […]