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Exposure: ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed

I got into photography as an archival pursuit, basically a way to record things, summer holidays, horse trekking and scuba diving or my first car. Initially I used my camera/s on automatically, pointing and shooting and hoping the camera got what I expected. As with most photographers, the first thing I worked on was composition, […]

Data Journalism

Links used in recent lecture Definition: wikipedia Find: Searching for data on the web Clean: Process to filter and transform data, preparation for visualization Visualize: Displaying the pattern, either as a static or animated visual Publish: Integrating the visuals, attaching data to stories Distribute: Enabling access on a variety of devices, such as the web, […]

Food photography

Food photography is one of those specialised photographic genres, but with over 20,000 recipes on Local, it is one that provides a lot of bang for buck. My favourite food photographer is Nicole Young. Not only does she take great photos herself, her book Food Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots is a terrific primer. […]

Take into consideration all of the elements

“When you’re out shooting, it’s really important to take into consideration all of the elements that are presented to you. You need to constantly ask yourself whether this thing or that thing can help you tell your story more effectively.” On Using Elements In Your Scene To Help Tell Your Story ( originally posted on […]