• Teufelsberg

    Teufelsberg I hardly know where to start with describing Teufelsberg (or Devil’s Mountain). I went up there today on a tour led by former US Army analyst Christopher McLarren. McLarren was stationed here at Field Station Berlin during the Cold War and since settling in Berlin, has become an expert on not only it’s history […]

  • Sleeping Giant

    Sleeping Giant Sleeping Giant, is by Alaniz, a street artist from Argentina living in Berlin. This piece is in Friedrichshain, Berlin from Tumblr via IFTTT

  • protest building workers

    protest building workers, a photo by RaeAllen on Flickr.

  • Food photography

    Food photography is one of those specialised photographic genres, but with over 20,000 recipes on Local, it is one that provides a lot of bang for buck. My favourite food photographer is Nicole Young. Not only does she take great photos herself, her book Food Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots is a terrific primer. […]

  • Balance in a photo

    This is a good example of balance in a photo. Notice the bench with the two friends in the top left third junction, balanced by the bicycle in the bottom right third. (oiginally written for abcmmr blog photo courtesy Josh Adamski )

  • Remembrance Day 11.11.11 11:11:11

    I made a special trip to Toowong Cemetery and the war graves there to take this Remembrance Day photo this year. I sat with the talking clock on my phone so I could take it at precisely 11.11.11 11:11:11 Unfortunately my camera clock wasn’t set as accurately.

  • Cheese scones

    IMGP7071_cheese-scones, a photo by RaeAllen on Flickr. Ingredients 3 cups self-raising flour 50g butter, chopped small 1 cup grated tasty cheese 1-1 1/2 cups milk Method 1. Rub butter into flour until its breadcrumby 2. Add grated cheese and mix through mostly dry mixture 3. add milk and mix until you have a good doughy […]