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  • Single leaf

    “If I pick up a single leaf and go into the city, I move the whole mountain.” ~ Yuan wu (1063-1135)

  • Reading Brecht in Berlin

    The tattered cord can again become knotted. It holds but it is torn. Perhaps we’ll face each other again but there, where you left me, you’ll not meet me again. I’ve been in Berlin long enough to start reading Brecht for pleasure, although not in the original German.

  • Take into consideration all of the elements

    “When you’re out shooting, it’s really important to take into consideration all of the elements that are presented to you. You need to constantly ask yourself whether this thing or that thing can help you tell your story more effectively.” On Using Elements In Your Scene To Help Tell Your Story ( originally posted on […]

  • Consider the world light

    Consider the world light, And the spirit is not burdened; Consider the myriad things slight, And the mind is not confused. Consider life and death equal, And the intellect is not afraid; Consider change as sameness, And clarity is not obscured. ~ Lao-tzu