(on the occassion of Australia advancing in the World cup)

a ball lover
is our god
a soccer player
he is
the whole universe
his field
the planets,
the stars,
our earth
all shuttling
through space
like balls
shove from
one corner
to the other

our heads,
our eyes,
the balls
that the gods
give us
to play
the games
in his world

the moon
in its
lunar journey
round and round
good and bad
too come
in a circle

what goes around
comes around
kindness begets kindness
do bad and
it comes back
in a circle
cos our god
is a lover of
a ball game

start walking anywhere
in the universe
and you get back
to your own place
cos our god
loves the circle game
the circle game
the circle game

john tiong chunghoo

By Rae Allen

Rae Allen is a digital media professional.

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