Since March 2005 I have been a member of Flickr, and over time have uploaded more than 3000 digital photographs or scanned images.

You can see some of my more recent photos below, or browse sets on my Flickr photostream

[flickrapi user=”raeallen” get=”photostream” size=”q” count=”100″]
Some of the photos you will find on my stream are related to stories I’ve been working on, others documenting some of my hobbies or interests.

One thought on “Photos”
  1. Hello,

    I came across an image of yours — a field of wheat with blue cloudy sky in back. I am publishing a very small academic journal in the state of Kansas in the USA. Would you object to my use of that image on the cover of our publication. I’m running on an extremely tight budget but would of course give you full credit in the publication. Thank you for considering.

    Matt Bova, editor
    Kansas Association of Teachers of English

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