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  • Scooter trip through West End

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  • Corner of Sredzkistrasse and Kolwitstrasse, Prenzlauer, Berlin

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  • New version of ABC Local

    In February 2010 we launched the most recent iteration of ABC Local, by my calculation the fifth I’ve been involved in. This time the project took 14 months but when you consider there are 54 sites and hundred of thousands of pages, along with significant photo, audio and video media files this is not as long as you might think.

  • Tools for Journalism

    Tools for modern journalism was a presentation prepared for primarily post-graduate students and staff of the University of Queenslands Journalism faculty. The talk was part of the JACtalk series.

  • Red vs Blue eps 01

    This is the original Red vs Blue episode, marking a new way of interacting with computer games.

  • Grant Mclellan video

    Promo video for Grant McLennan’s Lighting Fires

  • History of “The Backyard”

    History of the Backyard The Backyard story is one of people, place and communication. It began in the mid to late 90s when Local Radio staff started dabbling with emerging technology. At that time it was a cottage industry and most of the dabblers learnt web production in their own time and in their own […]

  • AIM manager of the year

    In 1990 while working as Manager Regional Stations for the Northern Territory, the Central Australian branch of the Australian institute of Management presented me with their inaugural “Manager of the Year” award.

  • First cell phones arrive in Darwin

    Sometimes it appears that mobile phones have been with us always, yet in 1988 the arrival of a cellular phone network in Darwin was big news.

  • Journalist of the year 1987

    In 1987, primarily through a body of work surrounding the world heritage listing of Kakadu National Park, I was the joint winner of the Electronic Journalist of the Year award for the Northern Territory. I shared “The Eric” with my colleague Phil Smith, who had a reputation for the quirky stand-up.