Category: minutiae

  • Descale Coffee machine

    Dissolve 10g of citric acid in a cup of hot water Add cold water to make the quantity up to a litre. Replace any water in the tank with the citric acid solution, Run tank of water through the machine. Empty any remaining solution from the tank, flush with clean water, refill and run about […]

  • What two common words in the english language are the only one’s to have double u’s.

    Vacuum and continuum

  • Train songs

    I’ve always enjoyed train songs, probably because I’ve always enjoyed trains and the best train songs have that rolling train travelling feel to them. My favourite train songs are in no particular order: 1. People get Ready by Curtis Mayfield. A lot of people will say this isn’t a train song but more of a […]

  • What the weather lights mean

    The building currently known as the Hitachi Building in central Brisbane has a tower on top of it that has two sets of lights which describe the weather What the lights mean 5 Lower lights: WHITE Steady – Fine WHITE Half second flashes – Windy WHITE 2 second flashes – Clearing RED Steady – Rain […]