Category: presentation

  • Data Journalism

    Links used in recent lecture Definition: wikipedia Find: Searching for data on the web Clean: Process to filter and transform data, preparation for visualization Visualize: Displaying the pattern, either as a static or animated visual Publish: Integrating the visuals, attaching data to stories Distribute: Enabling access on a variety of devices, such as the web, […]

  • Convergence: changes to the way journalists think about stories

    This is a presentation I delivered to 2nd year Journalism students at the University of Queensland. The students were studying “Convergence”

  • Tools for Journalism

    Tools for modern journalism was a presentation prepared for primarily post-graduate students and staff of the University of Queenslands Journalism faculty. The talk was part of the JACtalk series.

  • Microformats

    This presentation was made to web developers and editors as part of a knowledge sharing exercise.

  • Audio Online

    This is a presentation made to first year Journalism students at the University of Queensland. it was used as part of the Radio subject.