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  • 10 things I learnt as an Australian in Berlin

    Earlier this year I spend a month in Berlin. It is OK to drink beer in the street. Not only is it OK to wander the streets with a beer, but the railway stations normally have a bottle shop just to get you through the walk from the station to home.

  • Cultural ignorance

    My search for significant street art in Berlin took me to Cuvrystrasse in Kreuzberg. I was looking for a two part mural by the Italian artist Blu. One depicting an unmasking my two figures making East and West signs with their hands, the other a business man adjusting his tie with a gold chain between […]

  • Alois Senefelder, founder of lithography

    The next closest U-bahn stop to where we are staying is Senefelderplatz. Named after the inventor of lithography, nearby is a marble statue of him. I thought naming it with the sort of mirror reversed lettering lithography uses, and having one of the putti looking at it with a mirror a nice touch. #sculptureAlois Senefelder […]

  • Art works

    Art works, Teufelsberg I left it for a couple of days to recover from the information overload which was my trip to Field Station, Berlin or Teufelsberg as it is more commonly known. Today however I went through the photos I had taken of the art works on the mountain Built on an artificial mountain […]

  • Brücke Museum

    Main trip today was to Brücke Museum which “houses the world’s largest collection of works by Die Brücke (“The Bridge”), an early 20th-century expressionist movement. Apart from the artwork the building itself is a neat design with natural light wells illuminating the artwork on the walls. from Tumblr via IFTTT

  • Art at work

    While I was at Urban Spree in Friedrichshain, one young artist was working on a piece near the front door to the gallery space. from Tumblr via IFTTT

  • Riding the Great Circle line

    Spent a large part of yesterday riding the Great Circle line anti-clockwise .. that is , on the 598