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  • Tall cyclist, Woolloongabba #wp

    via Instagram http://bit.ly/2PjtQ3b

  • Tegel airport catching a flight to Helsinki.

    Leaving Berlin – at Tegel airport catching a flight to Helsinki. I had been warned the terminal was fairly basic. There are flights leaving for Barcelona and Amsterdam as well as ours, and there would only be seats for at most half the people waiting to catch flights. Reminds me of the airport at Toowoomba, […]

  • Herman Bar

    Two Swedes and an Australian sit down in a craft beer bar in Berlin run by a Belgian. What could possibly go wrong? #craftbeer http://bit.ly/1iIPXFk Although I didn’t go to a huge number of craft beer places while in Berlin, this is one of the best for its variety of very good beers. Bart really […]

  • Ernst Thalmann

    Ernst Thalmann was the leader of the German Communist Party who was shot in 1944 on orders from Adolf Hitler #1Mai Wiki http://bit.ly/1iHruA5

  • Alois Senefelder, founder of lithography

    The next closest U-bahn stop to where we are staying is Senefelderplatz. Named after the inventor of lithography, nearby is a marble statue of him. I thought naming it with the sort of mirror reversed lettering lithography uses, and having one of the putti looking at it with a mirror a nice touch. #sculptureAlois Senefelder […]

  • Yellow Man

    Yellow man, Street art in Kreuzberg“Yellow Man” is a painting by the twins Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo, known as Os Gemeos. The mural is in Oppelner Strasse, Kreuzberg http://bit.ly/1o2IHsV

  • Beer off the wood

    Quite a good beer served off a wooden keg at the currywurst stall at the local markets. It interested me that all beer and wine is served in glassware even at outdoor venues like this where you would suspect the cobblestones would be very unforgiving. Price was €2.50 for 300ml so good value as well. […]

  • Hops and Barley Hausbrauerei

    Hops and Barley Hausbrauerei Friedrichshainer – Dunkles : dark, toasty #craftbeer from Hops and Barley Hausbrauerei. And if you think that sounds tasty, .3l glass was €2.10 and large (.5l) glasses were €2.50  http://bit.ly/1reY8A5

  • Kollwitzstrasse markets

    Saturday morning markets on the cobblestones of Kollwitzstrasse. I was tempted by the currywurst and several other German delicacies, but did avoid the beer-from-the-keg – it was early after all. But perhaps nect week. Photo taken April 19, 2014 at 09:48PM http://bit.ly/1pidWVj

  • Flensburger Dunkel is as the name says, a dark beer, but despite it’s clarity, one that had a decent body to it. The third of a litre bottles with the ceramic tops go for about 0.79 euros at my local supermarket, so about $1.20 Australian Photo taken April 18, 2014 at 10:21PM http://bit.ly/1mcUmYb