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The place we are living in, like the rest of the buildings on the block, is only one apartment thick. As a result the block is hollow with a substantial green space. In this block that is used for a playground, some vegetable plots and gardens. http://bit.ly/1jbtJfU

First beer of my Berlin trip and oddly enough not a German beer but something from the original home of Budweiser, the Czech Republic. At 0.89 Euros for half a litre of dark liquid loveliness, I just couldn’t resist it. #amonthinberlin http://bit.ly/1l8phFH

There was a large bunch of tulips on the dining table in the apartment we are using in Berlin. Tracey went to move them thinking they were plastic, but they were just a prefect real bunch left by our host. #amonthinberlin http://bit.ly/1eVo6kJ