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  • Men and Cattle: history of development in northern Australia

    I found a collection of small audio documentaries recently. They were on cassette so the quality after 30 odd years isn’t great. The talent is historian Peter Forrest. Men and Cattle is a history of development  of the cattle industry in northern Austraia but touches on a lot of other themes. Part one: The Overlanders Part two: […]

  • Data Journalism

    Links used in recent lecture Definition: wikipedia Find: Searching for data on the web Clean: Process to filter and transform data, preparation for visualization Visualize: Displaying the pattern, either as a static or animated visual Publish: Integrating the visuals, attaching data to stories Distribute: Enabling access on a variety of devices, such as the web, […]

  • Convergence: changes to the way journalists think about stories

    This is a presentation I delivered to 2nd year Journalism students at the University of Queensland. The students were studying “Convergence”

  • New version of ABC Local

    In February 2010 we launched the most recent iteration of ABC Local, by my calculation the fifth I’ve been involved in. This time the project took 14 months but when you consider there are 54 sites and hundred of thousands of pages, along with significant photo, audio and video media files this is not as long as you might think.

  • Tools for Journalism

    Tools for modern journalism was a presentation prepared for primarily post-graduate students and staff of the University of Queenslands Journalism faculty. The talk was part of the JACtalk series.

  • Microformats

    This presentation was made to web developers and editors as part of a knowledge sharing exercise.

  • Audio Online

    This is a presentation made to first year Journalism students at the University of Queensland. it was used as part of the Radio subject.

  • Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment and Training

    In 2002 I studied for my Certificate IV in workplace assessment and training, gaining the certificate in April that year.

  • First corporate web site for 612 ABC Brisbane

    In 1998 I built my first web site, a corporate brochure site for 612 ABC Brisbane, then called 4QR. Looking back on the frames based navigation, the animated email gif, and the rather cumbersome graphics it seems somewhat naive.

  • Straw Bale House

    In the late 1990’s I stopped off in Maleny, Queensland where I interviewed architect Ahtee Chia about the straw bale house he had built. Links Straw Bale Home building Talent: Ahtee Chia, architect and builder ( To air: Weekends, 6 March 1998, Duration: 04:56 )