Covering Pine Gap demonstration

In 1987, the lease on the satellite monitoring base, Pine Gap, near Alice Springs was up for re-signing by the Federal Government.

In the days leading up to the leases expiry, a range of demonstrations were organised by the peace movement.

While some of the protests included climbing the base fence and super-gluing themselves to the poles inside, much was more relaxed and peaceful.

My camera crew enjoyed the humour of the protest signage

There was a fair bit of street-theatre, petition signing and chanting, but very little violence on either side of the fence.

One of the things I enjoyed about Alice Springs was that many of the members of the peace movement had good friends who worked at the base, or had partners who worked at the base.

The fact they could have philosophical differences didn’t mean they didn’t make the effort to get along in what was a relatively small community.

[flv: 660 495]

To Air: ABC-TV News, 15 October 1987, Duration:01:38

[flv: 660 495]

Talent: Anne Wharton, peace activist
To air: ABC-TV News, 17 October 1987, Duration:01:05

[flv: 660 495]

Talent: Brian Doolan, Alice Springs Peace group
To air: ABC-TV News, 19 October 1987, Duration:01:44


By Rae Allen

Rae Allen is a digital media professional.

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