Molly Ferguson, teacher, School of the Air

I’ve always enjoyed it when I get the chance to happen upon a bit of living history.

In 1991 the Alice Springs School of the Air celebrated its 40th anniversary, and one of the people who turned up to share her story was one of the original teachers, Molly Ferguson.

Her story however was as much a picture of our society in the 1950s as it was about her work at the School of the Air. Molly spoke of her stint as acting Principal, and that being a woman she could only be an acting Principal as at the time only men could get the job full time.

In 1955 Molly was awarded an MBE for her service with the School of the Air, and retired in 1956, to marry. At the time it was a requirement for married women to leave the job.


[audio: |titles=The Alice Spring school of the air 1951-1956 | artists=Molly Ferguson i/v with Rae Allen]


Postscript: if you are searching for more information on Molly Ferguson, try Mary Myrtle Healy, her married name.


Talent: Molly Ferguson, teacher, School of the Air (1951-1956)

( To air: Territory Today, 7 June 1991, duration: 22:07 )







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