I met Winston Peters in 1990 while he was traveling through the Northern Territory.

At the time he was a Maori member of the NZ National Party, and his star was such he was tipped to become New Zealand’s first Maori Prime Minister.

Unfortunately the highest he flew was Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer, when his New Zealand First party held the balance of power following the 1996 election.

This interview was however years before and during it Peters spoke of the similarities and differences between Australian Aboriginal and Maori problems.

In the political climate of the Northern territory his anti-land rights and pro-self-determination stand was interesting to say the least.

[audio:http://raeallen.net/audio/winston-peters.mp3|titles=On politics and race|artists=Winston Peters i/v by Rae Allen]


Talent: Winston Peters, MP, New Zealand

( To air: Territory Today, 3 August 1990, Duration: 6:00 )

By Rae Allen

Rae Allen is a digital media professional.

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