Use ffmpeg to measure loudness of audio file

From the directory containing ffmpeg.exe run:

ffmpeg -i /path/to/inputfile.mp3 -af loudnorm=I=-16:dual_mono=true:TP=-1.5:LRA=11:print_format=summary -f null -

Result should look like:

Input Integrated:    -18.4 LUFS
Input True Peak:      -0.0 dBTP
Input LRA:             7.4 LU
Input Threshold:     -28.6 LUFS   Output Integrated:   -16.8 LUFS

Output True Peak:     -1.5 dBTP
Output LRA:            6.7 LU
Output Threshold:    -27.0 LUFS   Normalization Type:   Dynamic
Target Offset:        +0.8 LU

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