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  • Use ffmpeg to measure loudness of audio file

    From the directory containing ffmpeg.exe run: Result should look like: Input Integrated:    -18.4 LUFSInput True Peak:      -0.0 dBTPInput LRA:             7.4 LUInput Threshold:     -28.6 LUFS   Output Integrated:   -16.8 LUFS Output True Peak:     -1.5 dBTPOutput LRA:            6.7 […]

  • Descale Coffee machine

    Dissolve 10g of citric acid in a cup of hot water Add cold water to make the quantity up to a litre. Replace any water in the tank with the citric acid solution, Run tank of water through the machine. Empty any remaining solution from the tank, flush with clean water, refill and run about […]

  • On finding out you are not Australian

    Fred Hooper used my experiences as an example in an interview on Drive, broadcast on ABC Northern Tasmania

  • Central atrium Berggruen Museum

    Central atrium Berggruen Museum Terrific day at Berggruen Museum and the associated gallery at Sammlung Scharf-Gerstenberg. Berggruen has the annex under renovation at the moment so the Paul Klee part of the exhibition is housed across the road at Sammlung Scharf-Gerstenberg. . . This view is looking up into the Museum dome with a sculpture […]

  • Alois Senefelder, founder of lithography

    The next closest U-bahn stop to where we are staying is Senefelderplatz. Named after the inventor of lithography, nearby is a marble statue of him. I thought naming it with the sort of mirror reversed lettering lithography uses, and having one of the putti looking at it with a mirror a nice touch. #sculptureAlois Senefelder […]

  • Finches

    This finch was sitting on the back of the chair across from me – they are quite common in this area and there were a couple having a dust bath where some of the cobbles had come adrift outside our front door.

  • White asparagus

    I didn’t realise it at the time, but this white asparagus soup is something of a seasonal dish in Berlin. Apparently just during April and May, the season delivers the white asparagus and the Berlin restaraunters make the most of it. I had seen it in the markets, and checked them out as they do […]

  • Looking down Rykestrasse to Wasserturm One of the most noticeable thing about Prenzlauer is the children. On the way from the airport the taxi driver said the berg had the highest proportion of children in Germany. After a couple of days I can believe this. We’ve seen at least a dozen kindergartens, including one on […]

  • Ampelmännchen Ampelmännchen or little traffic light man is the East German version of the walk/don’t walk sign. Its been adopted more widely throughout Germany and it’s cultural history is worth a read. Photo taken April 19, 2014 at 06:21PM

  • Building art Walking down Prenzlauer Alle I happened to look over my shoulder and saw this amazing bit of art above a roofline on the side of a building. In the background in Fernsehturm Berlin, the TV tower.. Photo taken April 19, 2014 at 06:08PM