This is a quick egg pie, good for breakfast or dinner.


2 sheets of puff pastry

6 Eggs

2 slices of ham

half a capsicum

4 cherry tomatoes

mustard powder, salt and pepper for seasoning


Pre-heat a moderate oven

Get a muffin pan and prepare it for pastry, the silicon one’s need nothing, others might need to be lightly oiled/greased.

Cut the sheets of pastry to fit inside the muffing holes. on mine I just cut the sheets into 4, and fold them so they fit. Don’t cut off the excess, just leave it stand outside.

Finely slice the ham and capsicum, and tomatoes.

Put a slice of tomato in the base of each pasty cup.

Evenly divide the ham and capsicum between the cups, put half in the botom, and keep the rest for after putting the egg in.

Break an egg into each pastry case.

Add the remaining capsicum, ham, and a pinch of mustard powder, and use a skewer to stir them in and break up the yolk.

Float the remaining slices of cherry tomato on top. Salt and pepper to taste.
Place in oven and cook until firm all the way through, and puff pastry has crisped up – about 15-20 minutes.

Serve as a breakfast treat or with a salad for dinner

By Rae Allen

Rae Allen is a digital media professional.

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