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  • Split data into multiple Excel worksheets based on column with VBA code

    I regularly get a block of data with 45 different entries in the first collum, repeated for each time a month appears in column 2. I wanted to split the data based on column value quickly and automatically The following VBA code from worked well 1. Open the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window. […]

  • Spreadsheet formulas: Prepend by concatenation

    Have had to delve into some formulas for processing text files so needed someplace to jot them down Prepend the word GET and a space to front of a string by the concatenation method =CONCATENATE(“GET “,B1)

  • Parse RSS feed with Google feed api

    This is a fully commented method parsing a mediarss feed using the now deprecated Google Feed api

  • Testing Tunein embed

    seeing if the 612 stream will work as an embed

  • Spreadsheet formulas: Remove characters from the right

    Have had to delve into some formulas for processing text files so needed someplace to jot them down Remove 11 characters from the right of the string in a cell: =RIGHT(A1, LEN(A1)-11) How does this work? Le’s say you have a number of locations with Australia at the start, e.g. Australia: Brisbane, Australia: Sydney LEN(A1) […]

  • Toxins in the home

    Surprise Toxins In Your Home infographic by Column Five Media.

  • Data Journalism

    Links used in recent lecture Definition: wikipedia Find: Searching for data on the web Clean: Process to filter and transform data, preparation for visualization Visualize: Displaying the pattern, either as a static or animated visual Publish: Integrating the visuals, attaching data to stories Distribute: Enabling access on a variety of devices, such as the web, […]

  • Using SSI to select a day

    You can use SSI to select a specific day, and then carry out an action. You can also determine that action to be carried out at a certain time on that day.

  • Scooter parking near Southbank

    Scooter and motorcycle parking within 1 km of new ABC Southbank offices View Scooter and Motorcycle parking in a larger map

  • HTML5 audio

    MP3 source file <audio src="/audio/straw bales.mp3" controls="controls" preload="metadata"></audio> This will show the audio and the controls but won’t autoplay or loop. It will preload the metadata only however some browsers may not take notice of this restriction. <audio src="/audio/straw bales.mp3" controls preload="metadata" autoplay loop></audio> This will add the autoplay and loop parameters to play the […]