Category: xssi

  • Using SSI to select a day

    You can use SSI to select a specific day, and then carry out an action. You can also determine that action to be carried out at a certain time on that day.

  • XSSI if and else statements

    if statement <!–#if expr="\"$HTTP_REFERER\" = /" –> Content relevant to that site <!–#elif expr="\"$HTTP_REFERER\" = /" –> An ‘or if’ statement <!–#else –> this else statement is used for all other instances <!–#endif –> finalise the code with an ‘end statement’ More complex if statement – SSI conditional based on document URI This depends on […]

  • XSSI variables

    Set the variable giving it a value <!–#set var=’site’ value=’brisbane’–‘> In normal use add the variable as an echo <!–#echo var=’site’–> If used within another ssi statement use the ‘$’ parameter <–#include virtual=’/${site}/include.htm’–>