You can use SSI to select a specific day, and then carry out an action. You can also determine that action to be carried out at a certain time on that day.

  1. First configure the time format to the day of the year
    <!–#config timefmt=”%j” –>
  2. Then use an SSI to select a specific day
    <!–#if expr=”($DATE_LOCAL = /75/)” –>
    This will select the 15 March in 2012
  3.  You can use SSI to select a number of days.
    <!–#if expr=”($DATE_LOCAL = /75/)||($DATE_LOCAL = /76/)||($DATE_LOCAL = /77/)||($DATE_LOCAL = /78/)||($DATE_LOCAL = /79/)||($DATE_LOCAL = /80/)||($DATE_LOCAL = /81/)” –>
    This will select from day 75 through to day 81
  4. You can also select a specific time within this day
    <!–#if expr=”${DATE_LOCAL} = /296/ “–>
    <!–#if expr=”((${DATE_LOCAL} > 2961659) && (${DATE_LOCAL} < 2961901)) “–>
    This will look at day number 296, and then carry out the command for the time from 1659 local time to 1901 local time based on the server.

By Rae Allen

Rae Allen is a digital media professional.

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