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  • Jimmy C.

    It’s 36 Juxtaposed between tags and graffiti you often find skillful and technically expressive artworks like this one spotted in Kreuzberg. This by London based artist Jimmy C. More details here.

  • Pink Man by Blu

    “The Pink Man” is a mural by the Italian street artist ‘Blu’. Painted in 2007, it is at the western end of the Oberbaum Bridge in Kreuzberg. The five storey tall monster is made from lots of smaller humans, one of which he appears to be about to eat.

  • Make love not war

    I was looking for a large hourglass mural by the artist Blu, however I suspect it has since been replaced by these two (the hourglass seems to have been where the male figure is ) “Make Love not War” above the Mag­net club at Oberbaum­brücke, is part of the AXE campaign ( ) which […]

  • Boy sitting by Alias

    Alias is a street artist who moved from Hamburg to berlin where he has achieved quite a reputation for his stencil work. In particular he places his work with relevance, in this case the boy sitting appears behind bars. I have another photo where the same boy seems to be waiting in a doorway ( […]

  • Cultural ignorance

    My search for significant street art in Berlin took me to Cuvrystrasse in Kreuzberg. I was looking for a two part mural by the Italian artist Blu. One depicting an unmasking my two figures making East and West signs with their hands, the other a business man adjusting his tie with a gold chain between […]

  • Round Heads by Nomad

    Round heads by Nomad The artist ‘Nomad’ uses a pictogram style in his painting “Rounded Heads”. This is pretty much across Oppelner Strasse from the Yellow man mural in Kreuzberg (… )

  • The Lads by London Police

    The Lads by London Police The London Police have a very distinctive style ( ). “The Lads” appears on a wall which looks like it is the background to a kids playground at the corner of Cuvrystrasse and Wangelstrasse in Kreuzberg.

  • Austronaut / Cosmonaut by Victor Ash

    Astronaut / Cosmonaut by Victor Ash One of the murals I was determined to see while in Berlin was this of the astronaut painted by Portugese born, Danish based artist – Victor Ash ( ). I took several shots of the work which is about four-five stories tall. This was my favourite however as […]