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Make love not war

I was looking for a large hourglass mural by the artist Blu, however I suspect it has since been replaced by these two (the hourglass seems to have been where the male figure is ) “Make Love not War” above the Mag­net club at Oberbaum­brücke, is part of the AXE campaign ( ) which […]


Gendarmenmarket, Berlin. To the right is the French Cathedral and to the left the Berlin Concert hall or Konzerthaus. It is named after the cuirassier (cavalry) regiment Gens d’Armes, which had their stables at the square until 1773. ( )

Landwehr Canal

Peaceful scene on the Landwehr Canal, Berlin. For those of a historical bent, it was into this canal that Rosa Luxemburg‘s body was dumped after she was murdered by the Freikorps on 15 January 1919. “Freedom is always the freedom of the one who thinks differently”

Police brace for violence at May 1st demos – The Local

Police brace for violence at May 1st demos – The Local In Australia, the May Day public holiday is normally celebrated by a day off, marches by the union movement, and barbeques in decent autumn weather. In Germany it is the start of spring and its association with workers rights and more general ‘rights of […]