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While the original section of Kakadu National Park had been granted World heritage listing, it didn’t stop the 1986/87 debate over the listing of stage 2 of the park.

Probably the most famous quote came from then Minister for Mining and Energy, Gareth Evans when he described it as “clapped out buffalo country.

By the end of 1987 Stage 2 would be listed, and by 1993 stage 3 and therefore the entire park had been listed on the World heritage register.


At the beginning of the debate, the Northern Territory brought in well known naturalist Harry Butler .

[flv:http://raeallen.net/video/harry-butler-kakadu.flv 550 412]

Talent: Harry Butler, Commissioner NT Conservation Commission, Prof. Ken Mellanby, scientist;

To air: ABC-TV News, 10 November 1986, duration:01:32

On the pro side of the equation, the CSIRO weighed in.

[flv:http://raeallen.net/video/csiro-kakadu.flv 550 412]

Talent: Dr. Patricia Werner, CSIRO

To air: ABC-TV News, 14 November 1986, Duration:01:40


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