In 1993 I interviewed, Robert Jordan, a fantasy author from the United states.

Probably best known for his mammoth series “The Wheel of Time“, he also wrote a number of the “Conan the Barbarian” books, and is less well know for a period romance trilogy “Fallon


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Talent: Robert Jordan
To air: Beyond Midnight, 15 April 1993, duration:

Cover for "The Eye Of The World"
Cover for The Eye Of The World

I’d been a fan of his epic fantasy in the Wheel of Time series, and at this stage the first four ( “The Eye of the World“, “The Great Hunt“, “The Dragon Reborn” and “The Shadow Rising” ), had gained a fair following.

Jordan went on to write 11 volumes in the series before his death in September 2007. He left copious notes for the last book in the series “A Memory of light“. It has been broken into three parts and is being authored by Brandon Sanderson.


By Rae Allen

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