Accidentally bar hopping

Almost accidentally we went bar hopping yesterday.

The plan was to drop into Green Beacon Brewing (top left) and sample their #craftbeer , before heading off for some Sunday lunch.

The plan was bought undone by some nice bar nibbles, which then required more of a walk and less eating.

The walk took us down Alfred Street, New Farm to James Street and Sixes and Sevens (top right). Nice atmosphere and a couple of decent beers but nothing dark on tap.

Heading off into the city we tracked down Alfred and Constance, by no coincidence on the corner of Alfred and Constance. Reminded me a bit of the sort of Queenslander I lived in during the 70s as a student – the lounge (bottom left) might even have had some of our furniture and what looks like my house mate Rod's audio gear 🙂

By this stage we were heading for the bus home but were distracted on our trip down Constance Street by Kerbside, a bar huddling in some semi industrial wasteland – cocktails, Bacchus Double Chocolate stout on tap, and a very exotic interior – who could ask for more.

#wp #barhop

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