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Helios (Universe Eventual Book 2) by N.J. Tanger

Hard sci-fi combined with psycho thriller, July 17, 2016
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Following Chimera, this second book in the series follows most of the same characters and has a similar set of features including the rites of passage. That said, we shouldn’t expect this to be just an update on book one as some of the characters gain significant depth, and some just die.

In Marcus you have a complete psychopath, comfortable at manipulating others to get to his goals, and killing them if they threaten him. Of all the characters Selena’s and Theo’s develops the most, though in very different ways.

Being only the second book in a series don’t be looking for ‘happily ever after’ but do expect gripping hard sci-fi.Helios (Universe Eventual) (Volume 2)

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By Rae Allen

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