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Ceres (Universe Eventual Book 3) by N.J. Tanger

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Escape from Hel, July 17, 2016
Ceres (Universe Eventual Book 3)
I was sent a review copy of the third book in the Universe Eternal series, which reminded me I hadn’t read the second book. Since I’d enjoyed Chimera, the first book so much I decided to binge, buying Helios, and then diving into Ceres.

One of the fascinating parts of this series I’m finding is that we are talking youthful characters stepping up to take on big roles in their worlds. This continues as the Chimera travels to find an older colony ship, Ceres. The first book laid out the generational reasons for the ships crews to be so young, and in a way this latest episode develops the characters as the young people would be developing in their own right.

Add in another world, a lost society, another psychopath, and a couple of new young characters and Ceres is a gift to sci-fi. I can’t wait until the next in the series.

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